Summer activities

Go fishing

Lyngsalpan Cruise offer the ultimate opportunity for those who want to try catching the big fish. Our captain with lots of local knowledge brings you to the best fishing spots in our own boat, which is very suitable for this activity. You will get great fishing-stories to bring back home and instructions on how to use the fishing equipment.

Duration: 4 hrs

Price: 9000 NOK

You may catch big cod, halibut, catfish, haddock, pollock, redfish, cusk and otherwise fish found in the sea. What is better after a fishing trip than to cook fish you have caught yourself?

If you wish to bring your fish back home, we can arrange with the freezing of the fish until departure. Be aware on the quotas that concerns the amount of fish you can take out of the country.

We recommend a maximum of six people to ensure the optimal fishing experience.

We offer rent of the necessary clothing and fishing gear if desired. Please contact us for further information.

Fjordcruise with sea-eagle experiences

We set the course out from Nord-Lenangen and towards the Lyngen fjord. Here you can get a good view of the majestic Lyngenalps from the sea. It is a fantastic sight.

photo by Audun Rikardsen

Price: 9000 NOK

Duration approx 5 hrs

The tour takes you to well-known places where you can find large occurrences of white-tailed Sea Eagle. We will throw food nearby the boat, in order to get the birds in eyesight. This creates perfect opportunities for great photos.

Then, we continue the journey towards one of Norway’s oldest and most preserved trading-venues along the coast, Havnes on Uløya.

Havnes has won prestigious prices for their ability to protect and take care of the old-fashion style, which is well executed on the island. If we are lucky, the owner might give us a tour of the distinctive buildings. You can also shop at the old grocery store.

We then set the course through Rotsundet, then towards Mjøssundet and around Skjervøy before we head home to Lenangen. On our way back we can see the whole of the mountain range of Lyngenalps – and enjoy its spectacular formations. The view is one of a kind!

Other activities

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