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Nord-Lenangen is located at the northern tip of Lyngen municipality. The village has around 450 inhabitants and its main industry includes fisheries, agriculture as well as a growing tourism industry.

Welcome to Lyngsalpan Cruise

From Lyngsalpan Cruise’s lodges you get panoramic views towards the mighty Lyngen Alps that rise from sea level and up 1200 meters. You also get a good view to the idyllic Fugløya in the north.

Of activities that we offer we can mention whale-safari, fishing, snowmobile-safari, mountain hiking and observation of the stunning Aurora Borealis.

In addition, we offer various guided tours to local businesses. See the page Activities for more information.

Contact us by phone via number +47 911 944 60/ +47 916 026 32 or send us an e-mail at

Our lodges

Our lodges are named after some of the beautiful and magnificent mountaintops that are a part of the Lyngen Alps. We have three lodges, Rødtinden, Lenangstinden and Storgalten.
All of our lodges are located closely to the sea. The main street is also within immediate proximity. In addition to this, the lodges are fully furnished and equipped with a full kitchen.