Winter activities

Whale watching

When the herring is spawning from the end of October/beginning of November to the end of January, big occurrences of whale and orca follows as well. They often come far into the fjords to hunt for food.

Minimum 5 persons per trip

Duration: 4 hrs

Simple serving on board

1400 NOK pr person

This activity takes place in our Viknes boat. This makes it possible to get these majestic animals in closer eyesight. Big flocks of humpback whale and killer whale that is feasting on herring is an amazing sight. The whales are often swimming so closely to the boats that you can smell the fish they are eating.

The trip can start from Tromsø or Nord-Lenangen as desired or needed.

You will get special warm coveralls when you arrive on the boat. Bring warm footwear as well as a beanie and mittens.

Snowmobile safari

In cooperation with local partners can we offer snowmobile tours for up to eight people at a time. Nord-Lenangen has nearly 50 km with legal trails in the area.

Duration approx 1.5 hrs

1400 NOK pr person

Skiing in the alps

In cooperation with Ascent Descent we can offer ski trips with our own certificated guide. The season is from the middle of December to the end of May. Please contact us for booking and more information. This activity gets quickly fully booked, so it is recommended that you book as soon as possible to be assured the opportunity for this amazing experience!

Other activities

Here is an overview of other activities which we can arrange


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